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Apple now offering new batteries to anyone owning iPhone 6 or later

Apple is now changing batteries of older iPhone devices regardless of whether the device clears the diagnostic tests that was earlier believed to be mandatory for the device to qualify for the battery replacement program.

The above can be seen as a more desperate attempt on part of Apple to win back consumer trust after it came in for a lot of criticisms post its confirmation that it deliberately throttled performance to protect aging batteries. The company is facing around a dozen lawsuits for the same with the plaintiffs claiming it to be conscious decision to push sales of newer iPhone devices.

Apple’s initial response to arrest growing descent against the company was to reduce prices of replacement batteries by $50. That effectively brought the price down of the batteries to $29 from the usual $79 price tag. Apple had also stated the price drop was meant to be availed by anyone owing iPhone 6 or a later version. The new price structure has been made effective from early January itself, a few weeks earlier than the end-Jan schedule, which can be seen as another concession given to iPhone owners.

However, there was some confusion as to whether the replacement program applied to only those devices that failed an Apple diagnostic test. That seems to be cleared now with latest reports claiming Apple had instructed its support staff to replace the batteries irrespective of whether it clears the internal diagnostic tests or not.

All of this comes after Apple has tendered an apology stating the new power management feature actually aims to provide users with an optimum user experience. Further, the iPhone maker also claimed the feature was never designed to prod users to upgrade to newer devices, as is being claimed in the lawsuits filed against the company.

How to get your iPhone battery changed?

So anyone owing an iPhone 6 or later device – up to iPhone 7 – can walk into any Apple Store and have their battery replaced with help from the Genius Bar representative. The replacement will be free of cost if the device is still under warranty or is covered under AppleCare+. The $29 fee applies to all iPhone devices otherwise eligible for the battery replacement program.

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Apart from a visit to the Apple Store, authorized Apple service centers too can handle the job perfectly well. The only other option will be to send the iPhone to Apple to get the replacement done though that would also entail enduring a week or so of separation with the device.

As for the cost of the replacement batteries in some other regions of the world, it stands at INR. 2000 in India, with taxes applicable extra.

The same in the UK will cost £25 post a £54 rebate over the usual £79 that an out of warranty battery costs in the region.

In China, older iPhone owners can avail of new batteries for 218 yuan, down from the usual 608 yuan that the batteries cost.