Home Technology Dell XPS 13 2018 impresses with its thinner, lighter and faster build

Dell XPS 13 2018 impresses with its thinner, lighter and faster build

As if the famed Dell XPS 13 laptops weren’t accomplished enough, the company has found ways to make it even better. The result is a new XPS that isn’t just a refurbished model over its predecessor but is completely new both inside and out.

Apart from the usual lighter, thinner and more powerful attributes that are usually associated with every new iteration of a device, one of the biggest USP of the new XPS 13 is its stain-free design. Dell claimed they have used glass woven build to ensure the device is resistant to most stains. So be it mustard or a permanent market, all of those can be wiped off clean with just a swipe.

To better highlight its ability to withstand stains, Dell also introduced a new white shade which it said will not put on a yellow hue when it ages. The company also said it will look as good even after 1,000 days of use as it did on day 1. Another benefit of having a glass woven design is its enhanced ability to dissipate heat, which means cooler device even under heavy load.

Another way Dell managed to improvise over the existing XPS 13 devices is the incorporation of even slimmer bezels all round. In fact, those almost look as if non-existent which leads one to feel the 4K display – another positive attribute with the device – to almost merge with the surroundings.

Also, similar to the older version, the front cam has been placed on the lower bezel which happens to be the thickest portion but is still slimmer than in the previous models. The front cam also incorporates an IR module to comply with Windows Hello logins. Further, the power button too comes with an integrated fingerprint sensor for added security.

Coming over to the interiors, there is now an eighth-generation quad-core Intel rendering service, with options of either a Core i5 or a Core i7 chip. The cooling mechanism too has been enhanced with dual heat pipes that does a good job, presumably enough for Dell to adopt a fan-less design.

The screen also impresses with its 4K resolution but is a battery guzzler in UHD mode, reducing battery life to 11 hours in such a state. In standard Full HD setting, the battery can last to well around 20 hours. As of its weight, the new XPS 13 tips the scales at just 2.67 pounds while being just 0.46-inch thick.


The rest of the specs include the option of 128 GB of storage and 4 gigs of RAM for the entry-level model, which stretches to 1 TB of storage and 16 GB RAM for the most advanced version. Price starts at $999 for the most basic version though there is no word yet as to what the top of the line model would cost.