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LG now showing off a 4K HDR projector, HU80KA in pre-CES revelation

With the CES 2018 event drawing closer, more tech stuff are spilling out of the LG closet. After having revealed a monolithic 88-inch 8K TV and a trio of 4K PC monitors, this time it is a 4K capable projector that the company is showing off before its debut at the CES event.

Carrying the model name HU80KA, the projector, according to LG, is designed to provide users with a superior cinematic experience without having to compromise on the display quality. LG said the projector would be able to light up a 150-inch display having 2,500 lumens. With integrated support for HDR 10, the device is also designed for the ultimate viewing experience that users can expect out of a projector.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the sound quality given the two puny 7W speakers that the setup accommodates. That, however, is a small price to be paid for the portability that the projector stands for. LG said the new HU80KA is just about half the size of other UHD projectors we have in the market, which leaves barely enough room for bigger speakers though there is enough scope to add external speakers, which includes HDMI, optical or via Bluetooth.

The device also has the provision to attach an external keyboard and mouse, which should allow for additional means to control the device. Further, with the device running WebOS which has the support of most content streaming services, there shouldn’t be a dearth of content to project. That is not all as the projector is also designed to play stuff stored in a USB drive as well.

The HU80KA projector also sports a convenient tower shape which LG said can be placed just about anywhere to project content on to a suitable surface. It can even be hung from the ceiling as well, besides the usual provision to position it on a table or on the floor. In fact, LG claims the ease with which the HU80KA projector can be used and installed happens to be the biggest USP of the device.

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Price though remains a mystery which however is hardly surprising as LG surely would be keeping that for revelation during the CES. However, the company did say it is going to be affordable though we got to wait for a few more days to find out what LG’s yardstick is going to be for that.