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Mystery iPhone device Geekbench scores mocks Android flagships

Apple is expected to come up with a new range of iPhone X devices this fall, and from the way things are shaping up, the upcoming iPhone version might well be the most exciting we have had in years. At least a leaked Geekbench test results is pointing to just such a scenario.

The device listed at the benchmarking site is, however, carrying a cryptic name in the form of iPhone 11,2. The device is also seen running iOS 12 though that, unfortunately, is all that we know of the phone from the Geekbench site. Maybe that has to do with Apple itself refraining from acknowledging the existence of the upcoming iPhone device so far.

The results at 4673 and 10912 for the single core and multi-core tests respectively is also massive on every count and is far greater than anything that any other smartphones are capable of at the moment. That also applies to the Samsung Galaxy S9 which can be considered the nearest competitor of the Apple flagship. However, the S9 returned score of 3263 for single core tests and 8900 for multi-core tests.

The excellent results for the mystery iPhone version can perhaps be attributed to the A12 processor set to provide processing power to the upcoming iPhone devices. Apart from being faster and more efficient than anything Apple has come up with so far, the other specialty of the new A12 SoC is that it is the first 7-nanometer chipset Apple has come up with so far.

Meanwhile, experts have speculated the iPhone X version subjected to the Geekbench test might well be the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus due out this fall season. The same will be part of the troika of new iPhone devices Apple is slated to launch this year. The other upcoming versions are believed to be iPhone 9 along with the iPhone X to replace to current iPhone X model.

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However, the above Geekbench scores can still be misleading as there is no surety it is a reality after all. Or there is no way to be sure the scores will still hold true once the device is launched. As for the competition, they sure have a lot to be worried of if the figures are true indeed.