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Musical.ly is no more with TikTok being new name and abode

Its the end of the Musical.ly journey, with TikTok being the way forward for the karaoke app. Or in other words, the Musical.ly app has gone for a makeover of sorts with TikTok being its new name and identity.

The above can also be explained from the fact that Musicall.ly has changed ownership, with the Chinese firm ByteDance being its new owners. That has been since November 2017, and the company has been on to integrating Musical.ly with its app TikTok all the while. That seems to be over now that users of the Musical.ly app are being greeted with a new getup that includes a new logo and name – TikTok.

The change in name notwithstanding, the core feature of Musical.ly has however been retained. That includes short duration videos that lasts no longer than 15 seconds as well as a focus area covering mainly teens in the US. That also is understandable considering that the app is also a means for the ByteDance to register a larger presence in the lucrative US market. Musical.ly too has a sizeable presence in the US considering that it just made it to 100 million monthly active user club before it got transferred to ByteDance.

TikTok meanwhile has a larger presence and boasts of over 300 million monthly active users. The app has also been one of the most downloaded in recent times, with its iOS version registering the most downloads during Q1, 2018. According to ByteDance, all user accounts, followers along with everything else has been shifted to TikTok with the users need not do anything for the same. Existing Musical.ly users opened their app to find they have had a changeover of sorts with TikTok being their new identity.

In fact, as ByteDance explained, it isn’t just a merger of Musical.ly with TikTok. Rather, both the apps have come together and evolved into a single app but retaining the core features of both apps in the process. That the two apps shared a similar goal only added to the impetus and is expected to provide a better overall user experience than possible otherwise.

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Meanwhile, ByteDance has also lined up several feature enhancements for TikTok. Those include a new ‘reaction’ feature that will allow users to register their reaction to videos of their friends. That apart, there is going to be the ‘fun-house mirror camera effects’ and greenscreen-like background effects to add to the fun aspect. Then there is going to be creative tools in the offing as well, such as interactive gesture filters and so on.

On the whole, what seems amply clear is that it is fun days ahead for Musical.ly and TikTok users.