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Apple Car and AR glasses to revolutionize the tech industry in the next decade

Apple is believed to be working on new AR glasses that should be ready within the next two years itself. That is not all as the iPhone makers is also rumored to be in a fairly advanced stage with its Apple Car project so that the car could be a reality by 2023 – 2025 itself.

Of course, all of the above are rumors at best though coming as it does from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo makes us believe there is more to it than just mere speculations. Kuo has been extremely accurate with his Apple-related projections. However raw facts are missing at the moment though according to Kuo, the upcoming AR glasses are going to be a revolutionary product down the line, one that might even replace the iPhone later on.

However, the AR glasses should be seen as an iPhone replacement right from the word go even though those are expected to be more advanced than the plethora of AR headsets we already have from competitors. There aren’t any other details available of the AR glasses except that those are going to offer a lot more regarding AR based experience than any other.

As for the Apple Car project, the new turn of events along with the proposed launch schedule makes for an interesting revelation given that earlier reports had claimed the project to have been significantly downsized. Based on those reports, it was believed Apple would only be making the autonomous driving software that would enable the car to drive on its own instead of an entire car.

Now if the latest report from Kuo is to be believed, Apple is going to offer an entire package comprising of a self-driving car that again would gel with the existing Apple product and services platform. The upcoming Apple Car is also expected to have immense potential given the huge replacement demand in the industry on the back of an ever-advancing technology curve. Kuo also said the car would revolutionize the automobile segment much as the iPhone did more than a decade back.

Earlier on, Project Titan that envisaged developing an all-electric autonomous car ran into multiple issues that led to Apple even laying off hundreds of employees as well. It was then stated Apple would only be making the autonomous driving technology that would then be adapted to a car to make it drive on its own. It might have had a huge development off late to see it evolve significantly in recent times.


More details expected in the coming weeks and months.