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Google working on a new AI powered digital personal training coach

Google is keen to see us fit and healthy, as exemplified by their urge to launch an AI-powered app that would help us with exercise or diet recommendations in real time. At least that is what is being rumored as of now.

Named Google Coach, the app will seek to remind users if they strayed from their regular exercise regime or if a particular exercise will achieve better results. Also, given that a proper diet is also equally imperative to good health, the app also has it covered as well and will recommend diets it feels will be more beneficial for the user.

Also, of course, Google will be drawing upon other data it gathers from users to let the AI based Coach to make more informed decisions and suggest actions accordingly. That includes Calendar settings, reminders, location data and so on. Further, given that Google Coach is expected to make its debut on wearable devices first, that would also mean a huge trove of personal health-related info that the Coach will always have at its disposal to suggest changes that it feels will be best suited for the user.

Google, however, is yet to confirm if Coach is indeed destined for reality though if it does, it should arrive on smartphones as well sometime later. Also, there is no word yet as to when it might launch though perhaps a safe bet to make would be a launch around fall, to time with the launch of the Pixel 3 range of phone.

Also, all of the suggestions made by Google Coach will likely be in the form of notifications. However, there also are reports of Google consolidating the messages into a group so as not to end up overwhelming the user with a constant stream of notifications. As it is, the same on smartwatches can be a bit tricky given the tiny viewing area such devices offer.

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The Mountain View company meanwhile also has its Google Fit app which largely acts to serve users as a convenient placeholder for all fitness related data. However, the rumored new Google Coach, if it becomes a reality, will have a much wider scope and will have a much larger role than merely serving sensor info.