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Google merges YouTube Gaming with the YouTube main site

YouTube Gaming is all set to loose its independent status come March 2019, instead, becoming part of the main YouTube site from henceforth. In fact, the transition is already there to be seen, with YouTube gaming featuring as a tab link along the left bottom corner in the YouTube homepage.

Google explained the above move saying YouTube Gaming has failed to garner enough traction on its own. This has forced them to integrate the same with YouTube with the hope that the gaming site will benefit from the huge user base that the main YouTube site already enjoys. Developers too will likely find it easy to create content for both sites instead of having to shuffle across two separate apps.

The Mountain View company however assured current subscribers of YouTube Gaming that the site will still behave in much the same way as it did when its operated alone. That includes users getting to see recommended streams and videos as usual. Then users will also be informed of live games that has been streamed the most.

Then there is going to be super chat as well along with the option to become members of a particular channel to supper the creators of their choice. Then there will be the dark theme too along with dedicated game pages so that discovering games does not become a chore.

That is not all as users are also allowed to subscribe to individual games as well. This, in turn, will provide them with more information about the particular game, something that hardcore gamers will no doubt love to have. Introduced back in 2015, YouTube Gaming has since picked up 78 million subscribers and is now live almost all over the world.

However, that still isn’t enough for the company to unsettle the segment leader Twitch which no doubt continues to be at the top when it comes to live streaming of online games.

For those not in the knowing, Twitch happens to be an Amazon-owned subsidiary.

While the merger is already there to be seen, Google said YouTube Gaming would cease to exist as a standalone app after March 2019.