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Google Maps works with CarPlay post the launch of iOS 12

Google Maps is finally a reality on CarPlay now that iOS 12 has been launched, something that was promised during the WWDC event back in June.

With this, users now have the option to refer to Google Maps with CarPlay, the Apple standard in-car infotainment system that works in collusion with the iPhone.

The above development should also come as a welcome change as users so far were left to use on Apple Maps with CarPlay. And its no secret Apple Maps is no match to Google Maps when it comes to reach and depth.

User no doubt will be glad to make the transition to Google Maps that offers a much more comprehensive coverage.

However, Waze, another Google-owned app that too provides navigation support is yet to offer support for CarPlay though that is expected to change anytime soon. Apple had launched the latest iOS 12 update for iPhone and iPad on Monday, followed by Google updating its Map application to make it compliant with CarPlay. Siri isn’t available as yet though Google Map does come with its own voice control feature.

However, lest anyone is too overjoyed with the development, what also has to be kept in mind is that all of it is still in the beta testing phase. And not everybody is able to participate in the tests just yet. In any case, the beta phase isn’t expected to last too long as both CarPlay and Google Maps are stable platforms and it should be a matter of them either of them is made compatible for both.

Further, Google Maps is already a reality on Android Auto, which means in-car navigations isn’t something that the app is alien with. A few images doing the rounds of the net depicting Google Map at work in CarPlay environment does look convincing though. That should mean a formal release of the final version should be just round the corner. A specific release date is missing though.