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iOS 12.1 beta hints new iPad arrival in October

Apple could be preparing the launch of a new iPad model as early as this fall itself, with October most likely to serve as the launch window for the new gen tablets. And these aren’t any wild guesses given that the above finds mention in an identifier found hidden inside of iOS 12.1 beta.

The ‘iPad2018Fall’ identifier that has been found hiding within, the assets that the Setup app uses also revealed a few other interesting bits about the new iPad devices. Those include references to Face ID being functional even in landscape mode. That again would require a realignment of the relevant sensor to allow them to function even in the changed orientation. Now, this should also put to rest all speculation as to whether the new iPad devices were to adopt Face ID tech or not.

The inclusion of Face ID should also be proof enough of the once ubiquitous Home button getting the boot, along with Touch ID of course. Also, with the home button gone, the other obvious changes to be expected with the new iPads include thinner bezels, and hence a general reduction in the overall size of the tablet with the screen dimensions remaining the same.

These apart, the first iOS 12.1 beta 1 also hints at another iconic development, the ditching of the Lightning port in favor of the more predominant USB Type-C connector. Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo too had earlier predicted the new 2018 iPad models will come with the Type-C connectors instead of Apple’s proprietary Lightning connectors.

Meanwhile, other rumors concerning the 2018 iPad doing the rounds of the internet is that the 3.5mm headphone jacks too would be annulled. This again shouldn’t be too surprising considering the general dislike Apple has for the headphone jack. The company hasn’t been offering the 3.5mm port since iPhone 7, and it seems it’s the iPad’s turn now to toe that line.

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As for the Setup app mentioned earlier, its function is to help users setup their new Apple devices. And a new Setup app should also be an indication of something new applicable for the iPad, likely the new gesture control features that would be necessary once the home button is gone.