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Amazon introduces new Alexa devices

Amazon has come up with a slew of new Alexa powered smart home devices which aim to introduce the smart digital assistant to newer facets of our lives. Among the new devices launched include a microwave, a clock, new revamped versions of the existing Echo line-up of devices along with even a smart plug and plenty more. Here is a brief introduction of each new device Amazon launched to invade your home and life.

Echo Auto: A small device that users can connect to the power outlet of the car and leave on the dashboard. That way, it can take in commands and pull off stuff like playing music, provide directions, make calls or even switch off compliant appliances that the users might have accidentally left on; all for $50 per unit with introductory discount of 50%. The device though isn’t ready to hit markets just yet but should be ready soon enough.

Fire TV Recast: With the Fire TV Recast, users can now record two shows simultaneously, and have them streamed to compliant devices such as the Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Echo Show or iOS and Android mobile devices. The base version costs $230 and will let users record two shows at the same time along with 500 GB of storage that is good to store about 75 hours of HDTV content. Then there also is the higher rated model that comes with 1000 gigs of storage and has the ability to record four shows at the same time. Shipping starts in November and can be reordered right away.

Ring Stick Up Camera: The new Stick Up Camera from its subsidiary Ring serves to shore up security both indoors and outdoors. The camera is battery operated and will set one back $180.

Alexa Clock: This puts Alexa on user’s wall, so to say, which makes it one place less that Alexa is yet to have its presence in. The device, or shall we say clock, justifies its existence with the ring of 60 LEDs it comes with which in turn is used to visualize the alarms and timers set by the user. It does not cost much either, priced as it is at $30 a pop.

Echo Link and Echo Link Amp: The Echo Link comes with a 60W two-channel amplifier and offers both digital and analog connectors. The device can be yours for $200. The Echo Link Amp, on the other hand, is designed to connect to a receiver or amplifier and will further add the ability to connect other speakers. The latter is priced at $200.

Alexa Microwave: Here comes the Alexa powered microwave oven that had perhaps raked up the most curiosity. And the device also impresses with its smart abilities which include preparing food as per the user’s specifications. Of course that is not all as there is also the Dash button feature as well so that the device can replenish resources when depleted, but of course from Amazon. The device communicated with the user via a connected Echo speaker or the Alexa app on the user’s smartphone. As for its price, it’s a super affordable $60.

Echo Dot: The new Echo Dot is here, and the company is claiming it to be 70 percent louder than its predecessor. Thankfully, a price has been kept untouched at $50.

Echo Sub: The new Echo Sub is a chubby looking device which Amazon said comes with enhanced Bass, 100 watts of it. It can also be paired with up to two other Echo speakers as well. The speaker is priced at $130.

Echo Plus: The new Echo Plus comes with better speakers though its other standout feature is the local voice control. The latter feature again will allow users to enable the speaker to act as a local hub to control other smart devices, something that is possible even with the internet down. The built-in temperature sensor again can communicate with the smart thermostats to turn up the heat if the conditions inside gets a bit chilly. The Echo Plus is priced $150 and will start shipping in October.

Echo Show: The smart speaker with a built-in display is now bigger and better, what with the 10-inch display it now comes integrated with. The device offers support for Firefox browser along with Amazon’s on Silk. Users can chat using Skype while there is VEVO for music and video streaming as well. Not to mention, the speakers too have been refurbished. The Echo Show is priced at $230 and is slated to ship in October.

Echo Input: The Echo input is basically an audio dongle that comes with its own Bluetooth connectivity and microphone. It comes with a 3.5 mm headphone port as well. However, it does not have a speaker of its own, which means it has to be connected with an external speaker. The Echo Input has been priced $35.

Smart Plug: Here comes a device that can make almost any device smart. The Smart Plug, however, works in conjugation with an Echo or via the Alexa app and will let one to turn on or off a device connected via the Smart Plug. Price – $25.