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Nvidia Titan RTX gets teased by social media personalities

Hardcore gamers will have a lot to cheer with this one, there is a flagship GPU in the making at NVIDIA – the Titan RTX. Interestingly, the card isn’t being revealed by NVIDIA or via any of its official social media channels. Instead, it is being done by other enthusiasts on their respective social media accounts.

Also, from the set of images that has reached the world wide web, the flagship Titan carries the basic outlook as its other RTX brethren. That includes the dual axial fan setup, which means it will need two PCI slots for its power. Then there also is the dash of gold on the Titan RTX to signal it flagship status. That is not all as the Titan is now seen glowing in a shade of white as opposed to the usual shade of Nvidia green as found on the RTX 20 series of Founders Edition models.


The technical stuff is, however, missing at the moment, which is hardly surprising given that Nvidia seemingly is engaged in subtle marketing tactics at the moment. The idea, of course, is to build up some hype and create the perfect landing ground for a grand unveiling of the GPU. That should explain the almost simultaneous unveiling of the Titan GPU in the social circles of well-known internet personalities.

For instance, there is Andrew Ng, Google Brain co-founder who took to Twitter to show off the card. Gavin Free of slow-mo fame had his cat to pose in front of the Titan, teasing the shot on his Instagram account. Linus who own the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel seems to be the smartest of all as unlike other who brazenly shows off the new card, he only accidentally revealed the card in one of his videos.

In any case, there are a few guesses that can be made, like the new Titan will likely feature 72 RT cores and 12 GB of GDDR6 memory. That if true will make for only a light upgrade over the current top of the line Nvidia offering – RTX 2080 Ti that comes with 68 RT cores and 11 GB of GDDR6 memory.

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Meanwhile, experts predict the new Titan will charge a premium given that the Titan Xp launched last year was priced $1,200. The RTX 2080 Ti itself costs $1,200 at the moment. So that should be enough of a benchmark price; the new Titan GTX will cost anything larger than $1200.