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DxOMark devise method to test selfie cam, grade Pixel 3 and Note 9 as the best

Front facing camera surely is one of the prime considerations when choosing a smartphone, and to further reinforce the importance of the feature, DxOMark too has stated they would henceforth be testing and grading the selfie cam as well when reviewing smartphones.

Such a development can also be considered as a coming of age of the selfie camera considering that the front cam usually isn’t accorded the same importance as say the rear cam. Of course there used to be judgements on the selfie cam though those largely were based on personal perceptions and ideas rather than a more universal sort of test procedures that subjects all selfie cam to the same test case to grade them.

The new DxOMark ranking feature for the front cam aims to change all that as it did with the test case for the primary rear camera. The test organisation also stated they have devised the entire testing procedure in tune with the way users actually tend to use the front facing cam on their smartphones. Those include a large collection of still images numbering over 1500 along with more than 2 hours of video as well to categorize the front cam.

The advent of the new grading system will also be great for smartphone buyers and especially selfie addicts considering that this will ensure they have a clear idea of what to expect with their smartphone front facing camera. That said, experts warn the grading process can be far from being perfect considering that much of it is dependent on individual perceptions and likings, and while there can be more of a general trend of likes and dislikes here, a clear cut testing and scoring method agreeable to all is almost impossible to achieve.

The French firm meanwhile has already subjected the more well-known of the phones to its latest tests and the results are both a mix of surprises to one that matches expectations. For instance, the Google Pixel 3 and Note 9 occupy the top slot with scores of 92 each while the iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S9+ are a distant third and fourth with scores of 82 and 81 respectively.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is at the third sport with scores of 84 in a clear indication of how much the Chinese firm have progressed over time.