Home Business Xiaomi to start selling fridges, washing machines, water purifiers in India soon

Xiaomi to start selling fridges, washing machines, water purifiers in India soon

Xiaomi has said it is in the process of expanding its products portfolio in India to also include devices such as washing machines, water purifiers, refrigerators, laptop and such in the coming weeks and months. This will be on top of the MiTVs the company has already been selling in the country.

The Chinese manufacturers, however, aren’t letting out any details just yet. That includes the exact devices it plans to launch in the not too distant future or whether it would be importing them or manufacture them wholly in India. Company officials said they are keeping all options open on this at the moment.

That means they might start with importing their stuff from China in the beginning before shifting to setting up manufacturing bases in the country. Or the company might even commence manufacturing the products in the country itself to make further them more cost-effective. Xiaomi had built its business empire offering products at competitive rates vis-a-vis the competition. The company currently manufactures its entire TV range locally in the country.

This should also be something for Samsung to be worried about. Xiaomi has earlier dethroned the South Korean giant to become the largest seller of smartphones in India. The Beijing headquartered company right now commands a 28.9 percent share of the smartphone market in India and has been the market leader here since Q4, 2017.

Samsung also enjoys a strong presence in the Indian consumer durables segment where it commands an enviable brand loyalty as well. Samsung meanwhile has also started to remap its strategy in the smartphone segment and has launched a slew of new smartphones having advanced features but at competitive rates. While it’s too early to see the impact of such launches on the company’s overall standing in the smartphone segment, it no doubts will also be eager to hold on to its turf in the durable consumer space as well.

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Xiaomi meanwhile has already been emphasizing a lot on expanding its physical footprint in India. The company had launched 500 offline stores in rural parts of India late last year. No wonder the company would like to see those stores expand or setup new ones to accommodate durable consumer devices as well. All of this will be on top if the strong presence it already enjoys in the online sphere where it has been selling its phones successfully via retails giants such as Flipkart or Amazon.