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Samsung forces iFixit to remove Galaxy Fold teardown

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been one huge mess for the company thanks to the early review units provided to the media getting broken easily. To add to the embarrassment, iFixit, in one of its typical teardown reviews rated the device to be too fragile to warrant safe everyday usage.

No wonder that turned out to be a bit too much for Samsung to accept, grappling as it is with the failure of the device as prestigious as the Galaxy Fold. This also happens to be the reason the company has forced iFixit to remove the teardown on the pretext that the device hasn’t yet been put on sale.

What is also intriguing is that Samsung had only provided selected publications with a few sample units of the Galaxy Folds. And all of those have since been returned to the company, which makes one wonder where iFixit got its review unit from.

The review site said they sourced it from one of their ‘trusted partners’ whom the company stopped short of identifying. Samsung, on its part, asked iFixit to remove the teardown via the trusted partner, something that iFixit obliged to even though it said that is more out of respect for its partner than any legal compulsions to do the same.

That makes for a stalemate sort of a situation that the Galaxy Fold hangs in at the moment though its ultimate fate remains unclear. The iFixit teardown did point out the device to have serious design flaws, particularly with the hinge. If that be true, Samsung sure has something of sizeable proportions to deal with right away.

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch owing to issues with the phone’s display

Immediate launch plans of the Galaxy Fold have already been postponed through the company in its response to early pre-bookers said the next launch schedule will be announced in just a few weeks’ time. It remains to be seen if Samsung can truly shore up its act within the period to make the Galaxy Fold truly seem and feel worthy of the around $2000 price tag it comes with.