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OnePlus 7 Pro gets A+ rating from DisplayMate, considered among the safest for the eyes

While we continue to be enthralled with the looks of the upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro, here is more reason to believe the beauty isn’t just skin deep but reaches out to the core of it all.

The OnePlus 7 Pro has already proved to be quite a looker with its refined design and a true edge-to-edge display. Now here is more reason to fall in love with the phone, what with the display getting an A+ rating from DisplayMate.

That easily translates to what OnePlus also said in a press release, that of the display being one of the best ever on any smartphones so far. Much of it again owes it to the splendid attributes the display stands for, which includes contrast, brightness, color accuracy and so on. That, however, is just half the story as the A+ rating also means the display is among the safest for the eyes.

Unfortunately, while the company takes pride – and rightfully so – with the exceptional rating it received, the specifications of it yet remains a mystery. That makes us to rely on unofficial reports on it at the moment, which claims the phone to have another unique quality to its credit – that of a 90Hz refresh rate. This, when most flagship phones come with displays having a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Also, it just isn’t the refresh rate that has seen an uptick as it’s a 1440 pixel panel that the phone is believed to come with. That would make for quite a bump over the full HD+ display that the OnePlus 6T boasted of, and there still isn’t a dearth of those who’d like to swear by the OnePlus 6T’s display.

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Meanwhile, among the other recent phones that too were awarded the A+ rating by DisplayMate include the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the Pixel 3. That makes us wonder if the OnePlus 7 Pro has actually bettered the Galaxy S10+ and Pixel devices. Guess we will have to wait till May 14 to come to the bottom of it all.