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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaks: What do we know so far

The Galaxy Note 10 happens to be the next big thing coming from Samsung, and rumors are already flying thick and fast providing us with an early glimpse of the device. Unfortunately, not everything that is being revealed is likely to be acceptable to all even though all of it is still far from being confirmed.

To begin with the good things, the next in the Note series in its 10th-anniversary edition will come with an all-screen front though there is going to be a punch hole at the front to accommodate the front cam. However, unlike the S10, the hole would be placed bang in the centre, exactly the place one would expect the selfie cam to be placed at.

That also is going to be the only disruption at the front which otherwise will also have curved edges along the sides. The top and bottom bezels are going to be negligible at best, just thin strips of it with the overall looks going to be just as alluring as one would expect of a flagship device from Samsung. The absence of a fingerprint sensor likely means it’s going to be placed underneath the front display.

Another noticeable change expected to be introduced with the Note 10 happens to be with the rear camera system which is speculated to be vertically aligned this time. Also, it’s a troika of lens that would make it to the new Note 10 though none of them is going to be the new 64 mp sensor Samsung had introduced earlier.

Further, the camera array is going to be complemented by another along its sides housing the LED flash along with perhaps a ToF sensor. Also, this should be just about all the imaging abilities of the new Note 10 with no camera likely to be fitted on the stylus, something that was being speculated for some time.

Another aspect that too has just been leaked and what might not be to the liking of many is that the upcoming Note 10 might lose out on the 3.5mm headphone jack. This again is hard to believe given how Samsung flaunted the presence of the jack on its phone while others were busy junking the same. Maybe the company is finding it hard to resist industry pressure this time.

Another aspect that could be part of the new Note 10 and on which opinions are likely to be divided is the absence of any physical buttons on the phone. Rumor has it that the phone will instead have specialised zones that could either be raised a bit or have a different texture to identify those from the rest. How is that going to make the new Note 10 feel special is something that is debatable though.

Meanwhile, the next Note is also likely to have a bigger 4500 mAh battery this time. While that makes for a 500mAh improvement over its predecessor, the other standout feature is going to be its ability to charge really fast, something that could be akin to having a 50W charger. The fitment of the bigger battery also owes it to the new UFS 3.0 storage which is not only twice as fast as that on the S10 but is smaller as well.

Also, of course, none of this is confirmed at the moment while there sure is going to be plenty more that is going to be revealed in the coming months in the runup to the launch of the phone. Note 10 will likely launch in the month of August.