Home Technology Oppo and Xiaomi show off new under-display front camera prototype

Oppo and Xiaomi show off new under-display front camera prototype

The quest for an all-screen front design has led to the advent of several innovations so far as the placement of the selfie cam is concerned. That includes pop-up cam or those where the front camera is attached to a slide-out mechanism. Not to mention, there have been several versions of notched displays as well while some companies preferred a punch hole design.

However, things seem to be moving to the next higher realm what with Oppo and Xiaomi showing off new technology that makes it possible for the front cam to be placed underneath the front display. Once the front cam is activated, the display above the front cam becomes transparent which in turn makes it possible for light to fall onto the sensor unhindered.

The display which the companies said is of the AMOLED type is low on the reflective property while having high permeability. This ensures maximum light falling on the sensor. That said, the technology is still in its formative stages with neither companies committing to a specific timeline for the under-screen front cam to become a reality on a market-ready device right now.

It’s not known either if the display will be touch receptive in the specific portion that hides the front-facing cam. Also not known if the particular section will have the same properties as the rest of the display, or if there is going to be any delay for the camera to be selfie-ready. However, what is known is that there won’t be any sound emanated whenever the front cam is activated.

While it is also going to be extremely interesting to see if the under-display selfie cam will produce the same quality shots as present-day front cams, the technology itself is thoroughly exciting as it could culminate the quest for the development of the perfect all-screen smartphones. Also, while both Oppo and Xiaomi came up with their own take of an under-display cam, Oppo happens to be the first off the block even though the lead is of a few mins.

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No sooner had Oppo revealed its own under-display front cam design, Xiaomi too showed off something similar within just mins of each other. Xiaomi however also stressed their technology is their own creation and might not have any similarity with what Oppo has to offer.