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Samsung overhauls Galaxy Fold making it fit for commercial launch soon

Samsung is reported to have sorted out the issues that bogged down its flagship Galaxy Fold phone though a final launch date is still elusive. The company also hasn’t revealed anything on this via its official channels.

Its only people having knowledge of the issue who have confirmed the development but have chosen to remain anonymous. Samsung had earlier been forced to withdraw the device post its launch after reports of the screen suffering damage after initial usage.

Also, it isn’t known to what extent Samsung went to make the Galaxy Fold fit for commercial launch once again. However, what is known is that the top external film on top of the main display has now been extended all the way underneath the bezels, thereby making it practically impossible for anyone to peel it off without damaging the entire device.

One of the reasons for the display on the initial review units of the Galaxy Fold to get damaged is that the external film atop the display was peeled off. That again has much to do with the way the film was attached in the first place, which made it seem like it’s perfectly removeable.

That apart, it’s also not known if Samsung has gone for a design overhaul of the hinge as well. Experts had earlier described the hinge design to be lacking in finesse and efficiency. The hinge can also be described to be a huge Achilles heel for the first gen Galaxy Fold given how it had gaps that could allow external debris to enter the device.

In fact, one among the initial lot of Galaxy Fold devices developed a bulge in the portion where the screen folded apparently due to the ingress of a foreign particle. It’s now known how Samsung is going to tackle the issue with the newly refurbished Galaxy Fold device.

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Meanwhile, there also are reports of Samsung keeping the Aug 7 event exclusive to Note 10 while the new Galaxy Fold is expected to be launched sometime later in the year.