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Nikon D6 with enhanced specs expected for launch before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Nikon is believed to be at the final stages with the development of its brand new D6 DSLR camera which will succeed the D5 launched three years back. Needless to say, the D6 is rumored to come with a host of enhancements that will make it a more updated model compared to the D5.

Among the new features rumored to be included in the D6 is its ability to shoot 4K videos at 60 fps. It’s not known how long it will be able to shoot at that setting at a stretch given that the D5 could pull the feat for a max of 30 mins. Also, the D5 could shoot 4K videos at 30 fps while the shooting time too was capped at 3 mins initially before it was stretched to 30 mins post a firmware update.

The new D6 is also speculated to come with a 24 mp full frame sensor, which again would mark an improvement over the 20.8 mp sensor that the D5 featured. Plus, there likely is going to be an integrated sensor stabilization feature as well. The same is expected to have a manual exposure time of at least 120 seconds.

Among the other features expected to be part of the D6 package include dual CFExpress/XQD memory card slots as well as a rear LCD display having 3.

2 million dots. Worth mentioning, the D5 came with a rear LCD panel comprising of 2.36 million dots. That’s not all as the D6 is also expected to come with an electronic viewfinder with the capability of 0.78x magnification along with 100 percent frame coverage.

Further, with its intended positioning as a sports camera, the new D6 is said to have a burst speed of 14fps. That apart, the D6 is also reported to come with dual image processors which will enhance the autofocus performance of the camera besides also offering silent shooting modes as well.

Meanwhile, there also is speculation in some quarters that the D6 will have a mirrorless variant as well, something that remains shrouded in mystery though. However, what is almost a certainty is that Nikon will strive for a launch of the D6 in time before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics gets underway.