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Apple to debunk butterfly keyboard and adopt scissor style keys for its future MacBooks

Apple is believed to have finally made up its mind to give up on the butterfly keyboard design for its future MacBook devices. This might seem to be a step in the backward direction if things indeed pan out that way, given that butterfly keyboards are considered to be more advanced versions than their scissor counterparts.

However, the butterfly keyboards, in spite of their slim and durable build have been known for all the wrong reasons that far outstripped any positives they brought to the table. Among the consistent bugbears with the butterfly, keyboards have been their tendency to allow ingress of external debris that hampered its normal functioning.

With external materials finding their way underneath the keys, those generally malfunctioned as individual keypresses would often go unregistered. Or the keys would lead to multiple keypresses of the same thing, which no doubt will be the last thing anyone would want out of a device they have spent hundreds of dollars on. Plus, the keyboard on the MacBook devices would often become overheated as well.

Apple tried to ally such concerns by redesigning the keyboard which included the addition of added silicone layers around the keys on the inside. Unfortunately, that proved little to prevent external stuff like dust from entering the inside of the keyboard.

All of this forced Apple to go for an extensive repair program that applied to all 2015 and later MacBook models – MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook sold worldwide. Unfortunately, all of such efforts proved futile as the keyboard continued to be a source of headache for the company.

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Now Apple is reported to put all of that behind it by adopting the scissor switch style for keyboards on all MacBook devices to be launched in 2020 or later. This will come with the usual benefits associated with such keyboards, which includes longer key travel as well as glass fibre design that makes the keys and its functioning more durable and efficient.