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Samsung Sero world’s first rotating TV display set for global launch

Perhaps as a measure of how much of an influence that smartphones have come to wield upon us, there is now an entire TV that is designed to flip around to match the smartphone form factor. It’s the Sero from Samsung which is designed to switch from a landscape orientation to portrait orientation to better mimic a smartphone.

All of this has been made possible thanks to the stand that the Sero comes integrated with. It is the stand that holds the trick to the whole stunt and provides for the leverage that the TV needs to rotate around. Also, with the stand being integrated into the TV, it has its positives. That includes built-in speakers that can belt out 60-watts of peak music output. Plus, there is a 4.1 channel system as well to allow for the addition of more speakers if needed.

As for the TV itself, it comes with a 43-inch 4K QLED display which might not be an earth-shattering piece of tech specification anymore but provides for enough clarity and contrast. The stand also does not make things too unwieldy when the TV is held in landscape mode which is when the stand stands exposed the most.


The stand also is so designed to ensure the TV can rotate freely to the portrait mode with there being almost zero chances of it hitting anything on the floor; this despite the stand itself having very little ground clearance owing to its short stands. The stand might even look bland given that it’s a stark piece devoid of any carvings or design of its own.

The benefits of positioning the TV in portrait mode should already be discernible as it provides for a more realistic slot when viewing content from the smartphone. Be it TikTok videos, Snapchat content or anything that is shot using the smartphone in portrait mode, those can be viewed on the Sero easily. It will be like viewing the same but on a giant smartphone.

Also, coming as it does from Samsung, Galaxy phone owners have it easy when it comes to mirroring its content on the big screen; all that they need to do is to tap their phone on the Sero’s frame. Owners of the iPhone will, however, need to use the included remote control to switch to portrait mode. That said, Samsung claimed the Sero is fully compliant with AirPlay 2.

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Sero also isn’t a brand-new development from Samsung given that its already been launched in Korea some time back. It’s just that Samsung decided to open up its scope a little wider but making it available in the US and elsewhere. Pricing though is anybody’s guess at the moment.