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LG announces a new range of 8K TVs for launch during upcoming CES

It is less than a week left for the CES to unfold and LG is already upping the ante with new TV offerings that promise to bring in a true 8K experience for the first time. It’s a total of eight new models that LG has announced for launch during the event with each one offering, what the company is claiming a true 8K viewing experience that exceeds the specifications set by the CTA (Consumer Technology Association) for 8K TVs.

Among the TVs slated for launch include the OLED ZX models having dimensions of 88- and 77-inches. These apart, there are half a dozen 8K TVs that form part of the company’s NanoCell range that was introduced late in 2019. The new NanoCell 8KTVs are in the 75- and 65-inch size categories.

Behind the glistening displays, there also is some new-age technology at work to ensure the top of the line viewing experience. That includes the new third-gen version of the company’s Alpha9 AI processor which is responsible for upscaling of the input media feed to make them 8K ready. The processor also ensures the images or videos rendered is at their sharpest.

As for the content sources, all the new 8K TV models are designed to deal with the AV codec used by YouTube for upscaling them to match 8K standards. Similarly, the TVs have been optimised to deal with HEVC and VP9 standards, besides directly rendering 8K media inputs via USB or HDMI. LG said the TVs are equipped to deal with streaming in 8K resolutions at 60 FPS along with 8K 60P from HDMI sources.

Among the other tech wizardry that goes into the making of the new 8K TV range from LG include the company’s proprietary ThinQ AI technology. The TVs run WebOS software which again is designed to receive and process voice commands to add to user convenience. Besides, the TV is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa along with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.

Then there is the new AI Picture Pro mode as well that can recognize faces and texts on the screen. This way, the feature can then enhance those to make the texts stand out more clearly while the skin tones look all the more natural and beautiful; all this happening in real-time and without affecting the rest of the images on the frame.

There is the new Auto Genre Selection as well which is designed to apply the best picture settings for various content types such as movies, sports, animation and so on. Similarly, the new AI Sound tech to has been better optimised to allow for superior listening pleasure. It does that by identifying the sort of music being played and applying settings that further adds to the experience.

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On the whole, the new 8K TVs from LG promises to usher in a new era of TV viewing which LG claims will take things to an entirely new level altogether. Interestingly, the new LG 8K TVs come close on the heels of Samsung announcing the launch of the 8K TV certification program that has been devised in collaboration with the 8K Association.