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Apple Stores looted during ‘George Floyd’ protests

Widespread riots and protests have been reported in several U.S. cities post the death of the 46-year old African-American, George Floyd. Unfortunately, while rioters have had a field day damaging properties and creating mayhem, Apple Store seems to have emerged as the favored spot for the rioters to break in and loot stuff.

As has been revealed in a number of videos as well as other sources, Apple Stores at Oregon, Arizona, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and California have all been the target of the rioters. In most instances, the crowd made their way into the store, mostly by breaking through the outer glass window while decamping with almost anything that they could lay their hands on.

In some instances, they have also caused damage to the interior of the store, which included overturning the tables and such. In one such store in Scottsdale, Arizona, images revealed the outlet having been vandalized with ‘For Floyd!!’ written on the storefront. Things can’t be more bizarre than this as what remains unanswered is how the rioters can justify looting an Apple Store while protesting someone’s death.

While its clear such acts have been the handiwork of some opportunists who are looking to make some quick cash trying to sell off the stolen Apple devices, if not for keeping those for their own use. Afterall, Apple devices are known for their premium appeal and are often beyond the reach of many buyers.

Unfortunately, as has been revealed in at least one tweet message, the stolen devices may not be of much use to the looters. The particular image revealed ‘Please return to Apple Walnut Street’ message displayed on one such stolen iPhone. The message also warned that the device has been disabled and that it is being tracked, leading to chances of the individual being arrested as well.

Meanwhile, Apple is also known to use special non-standard devices as display-units in the store, which becomes useless when taken outside of the store. Of course, the idea is to thwart such acts of stealing or shoplifting, and it seems to be working. What is also unfortunate is that all of this is happening in the backdrop of the Covid 19 pandemic and some shops had opened just days back but will have to remain shut for several days again for repair purposes.