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Apple may not provide a charger and earbuds with iPhone 12 to keep prices low

Apple might skip including a charger and wired earbuds with the iPhone 12 in order to keep prices competitive. This comes from analysts Ming-Chi Kuo who otherwise has an enviable record in making accurate prediction with Apple devices.

Kuo believes this will enable Apple to keep the base iPhone 12 priced about the same as the iPhone 11. That way, the cost of including 5G components will be compensated, to some extent at least.

However, as Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Macs stated, the cost of bundling the charger and wired earbuds is just about $63. Benjamin also argued, anyone who is spending hundreds for a new iPhone 13 should be able to cough out an extra $63 for the accessories as well. It remains a mystery though if the Lightning cable too will be missing or will be part of the iPhone 12 package.

Meanwhile, there also are reports of Apple working on a new 20W charger for charging the device back on stage. That, if true, will make for a slight upgrade over the 18 W charger that Apple provided for as part of standard packing. However, that applies to the two iPhone 11 Pro models. The base iPhone gets itself charged via a 5 W charger.

In that case, it would be a real tragedy if owners of the base 5.4-inch iPhone 12 is are forced to continue relying on the same 5 W charger to replenish the upcoming iPhone 12 as well. The other option of course will be to pay extra for those accessories.

In the end, what can be said is that all of the above may not be true afterall and is best ingested with a pinch of salt.

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