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What are Discourse Communities and why are they getting popular?

Discourse communities refer to the group of people who have some common interests and share similar thoughts and opinions. These virtual communities are spread over a wide geographical area and interact only through online platforms. The feature of these communities being accessed from anywhere around the globe has made them very popular.

People who have a particular taste and want to interact only with a similar mindset find the discourse communities very exciting and thus they constantly seek to join one, as per their choice.

Does Discourse Community lead to Anonymity?

Best anonymous blog sites mention about discourse communities as a passage to freedom. They blogs outline the sentiments of people sharing similar thoughts and opinions and find themselves free to use the lingo that suits them the best. They find a safe medium where they can interact and use common expressions and language text that does not need any interpretation. But one question that always arises is whether it is necessary to keep one’s identity confidential? Are the members of the discourse community not interesting to know the demographics details of each other?

Well, usually members prefer anonymity as they find it more comfortable and convenient. For instance, a football community that comprises of male members above 60 years might not reveal their true age. It might be a community of septuagenarians or even octogenarians, but they would prefer not to mention their real age in numbers. They simply want to discuss football and nothing else.

They may even be encouraged to set up an anonymous blog platform for the same and have a great time discussing the next game. Understanding this discourse community and its consequences might be a bit complex, but one thing is clear it gives a fresh breather to everyone.

Ethics of Joining a Discourse Community

A discourse community is a closed group that is limited only to a particular set of people. It shall not entertain people who have a different mindset and do not adhere to the basic fundamentals or enjoy the unique flavor of the community. Thus joining a discourse community which is an anonymous blog platform where people reveal and discuss issues that cannot be done openly, necessitates you to follow certain ethics. For instance, a community that comprises of pregnant spinsters might be very volatile in terms of following a particular code of ethics. As these women are prone to a lot of prejudice and bias, they are not accepted well in society; they would always prefer to maintain anonymity. They prefer making an anonymous blog and share their feelings openly.

The consequences of such a discourse community can be psychologically very beneficial as the stress and trauma that these women bear, shall find an outlet and they can get rid of the burden that suppresses them the most.

Keeping secrets, not sharing pictures to the outer world, understanding the common lingo, have an empathetic outlook towards the fellow members, never criticize each other are few of the ethics that everyone follows in a discourse community.

Is it easy to be accepted in a discourse community that has been formed long ago?

People are skeptical of how to join a discourse community. They feel the pressure that they might not be accepted in a community that is formed long ago. But if you are interested in writing an anonymous blog that voice the opinions and shares the views and thoughts similar to that of a discourse community, you are always welcome.

For instance, you are interested to create an anonymous blog for backbenchers of a school who devised new means of cheating in an examination. However when you find a similar discourse community already in existence then you can simply start writing features and articles for your anonymous blog and when you find it has gained popularity you can easily join the discourse community.

People are always open to having new members who have similar opinions. They get an opportunity to have interaction from a different perspective and have more fun.

Discourse Communities do not have good consequences. Is it a myth?

Yes. It is a myth that in understanding discourse communities it is revealed that it has negative consequences. There might be certain communities which are not permissible or should not be allowed to grow popular, but then there are several communities that are very healthy and give an opportunity to the people who have a similar mindset to come and interact with each other.

They share the same lingo, same gestures, and the same stories and derive pleasure and relaxation. Moreover maintaining anonymity by participating and expressing through popular anonymous blogs these communities are very helpful in relieving stress and giving relaxation. Thus if you are interested to join any discourse community of your choice, you should surely proceed ahead.