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People Hospitalized After A Severe Carbon Monoxide Poisoning At Ohio Hotel

According to the reports, Marysville Fire Chief Jay Riley recently informed that there was a serious case of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at the Ohio Hotel. The source of this Poisoning is not known, and 14 people were hospitalized after the incident.

Numerous 911 Emergency Calls Were Registered Due To The Poisoning On Saturday

The First report of the 911 call was reported early on Saturday evening when a two-year-old girl was found unconscious near the pool. After the incident, numerous calls from the Hotel were recorded, and it found the reason to be Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. According to the reports, both adults and kids were the victims of the incident.

Some of the common issues reported by the people on the emergency call were dizziness, burning sensation in the throat, and even vomiting in some cases. However, the most common symptom was unconsciousness.

The Hotel Was Evacuated After The Incident

Soon after the incident, the police took charge of the place and forced every customer out of the Hotel. According to Marysville Police Chief, all the victims were transferred to the hospital in time, and no one faced serious damage to their bodies. On the other hand, no one died even after facing critical conditions. 

Even two people faced such a serious condition that they had to be treated right on the spot. However, after the incident, The Police Chief informed all the family members of the victims about the condition. Marysville Fire Department also got involved very quickly in resolving the issue, and it again restored the Hotel’s environment to normal.

None Of The Hotel Management Were Injured

The Hotel Management was not injured in the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, and according to the reports, they were easily evacuated from the Hotel. The main reason is unclear, and the Poisoning could have worsened if not reported on time. 

The Hotel Management regretted the incident and claims that they are trying hard to find the cause. They also ensure that they are trying their best to avoid any such situation in the future.