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US Raises Concern Over Russian Military Buildup, Orders Families Of Govt. Employees To Leave Belarus

According to the reports, the US State Department has ordered the families of government personnel in the Belarus Embassy regarding the Military Tension Build-Up. The department is concerned over the tension rising and wants all the Americans in the country to be safe.

US Departments Are Concerned Over Major Invasion From Russia

Russia is planning for a major invasion of Ukraine, and also on the border with Belarus. The tension is growing day by day on the border, which has raised a concern regarding the American Citizens out there. At a special UN Security Council meeting, this issue was raised, and facts were revealed that more than 30,000 troops are intended to be at the border. Earlier more than 500 troops were deployed at the border.

US Government Published A Special Notice On This Military Build-up

According to a special advisory issued by the US state government, things are getting worse on the border. They have issued special guidelines on this event, and the citizens that live near the border are also given some guidelines to follow. On the other hand, a special travel advisory is also issued.

According to the given situation, it is strictly mentioned that citizens must avoid traveling to the place. The special routine or emergency services that are available on the border are also limited due to the sanctions and limitations by the Belarus government.

Last week a special military segment was authorized to go to the point of tension, but this was highly criticized by the Ukraine government. Further, the threat of such military action was also condemned.

The Diplomatic Relations Are Also Limited As Per The Government

The American Government also restricted diplomatic relations with the nation. The Belarusian government earlier told the US government to reduce the number of working staff to 5 in the US Embassy in Minsk. All these actions have led to concerns from the US government regarding their people. Even the US ambassador to Belarus was recently forced to serve in Lithuania.