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Biden Makes Call For Release Of The Last U.S. Hostage In Afghanistan

The recent turn of events in Afghanistan has shocked the world to the core. While things are still uncertain, President Joe Biden called for the release of the U.S. Navy veteran Mark Frerichs. Taliban took him, hostage in Afghanistan nearly two years ago.

About the U.S. Hostage In Afghanistan

Adding to the release, Biden introduced everyone with Mark. Mark is a native of Illinois. He is a civil engineer and contractor from Lombard, Illinois. He was kidnapped in January 2020 from Kabul’s capital. According to the information available, it is believed that he is in the custody of the Taliban-linked Haqqani network.

For the last two years, Mark’s family has been waiting for the release and is praying for his well-being in all ways. 

Here Is Biden’s Statement On The Case

The press release started with the statement of Biden stating that such incidents are unacceptable. Furthermore, threatening the safety of Americans or any other innocent civilians is always intolerable, and hostage-taking is a brutal and cowardly act. Before considering the Taliban’s legitimate aspirations, Mark must be released immediately. This is not a negotiable point.

This statement came as the U.S. withdrew support during the thorny humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Soon enough, the Taliban won control, and with the flow of aid being halted, it put the lives of various Afghans at risk. 

Frerichs Family On Hostage Situation

Frerichs’ family has shown their dissatisfaction with the U.S. government for failing to press harder for his release. In a Washington Post opinion piece last week titled “President Biden, please bring home my brother, the last American held hostage in Afghanistan,” his sister, Charlene Cakora, made a personal plea to Biden.

Though the issue has been raised in multiple meetings by the Biden administration, a solution is still not seen. The family believes that a prisoner exchange with the Taliban is Frerichs’ best chance of release.

According to reports, the Taliban is seeking the release of Bashir Noorzai in exchange for Frerichs. Noorzai is a convicted drug lord. He was arrested in 2005 on heroin drug trafficking charges and sentenced to life in prison four years later.

Seeing a ray of hope, Charlene Cakora, Frerichs’ sister, issued a statement stating the family is “grateful” for Biden’s words.