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Biden’s Nominee Dr Robert Califf Finds It Hard To Get Past The Senate Leaving FDA’s Agenda Suspended

According to the wokv, President Joe Biden’s selection is facing hard times in the senate. Recently he picked the new Food and Drug Administration representative who was not welcomed by all in the senate. This has created numerous problems and delays in making important decisions, such as electronic cigarettes. The agency was also responsible for making important decisions regarding many high profile cases, and on the other hand, they played a massive role in regulating the COVID-19 crisis.

Dr Robert Califf was the one nominated for the task.

After a long ten-month search, Dr Robert Califf was the one who was appointed for the post by President Joe Biden. Critics complained about the leadership vacuum he would bring to the agency, and on the other hand, they were worried about the complications that might arise in the COVID task force. Dr Robert Califf was considered a great option as he is one of the best cardiologists in the U.S. He was previously an FDA commissioner under President Barack Obama. In 2016 the senate gave him the post by 89-4.

But on the other hand, the senate is not ready to give the doctor a majority this time. There have been many discussions and numerous political controversies over the selection in the senate. There is a high chance that the nomination will sink, and on the other hand, this will keep FDA in limbo for a more extended period of time. It seems that until the next congress is formed, things won’t change, and the selection will still be pending.

Califf is being questioned on his past records as an FDA Commissioner.

According to the various reports, there are Five Senate Democrats who are opposing the decision. They are questioning the methods and ways Dr Robert Califf handled issues in the FDA. He had numerous controversies with working alongside the drug makers and overlooking the usage of addictive painkillers. His actions further led to the U.S. opioid epidemic, and hence the Senate couldn’t agree to trust him with such a vast post once again. On the other hand, Biden’s administration very firmly believes that he can be a good fit for the job.


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