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President Biden Requests Americans To Leave Ukraine

The U.S President Joe Biden recently requested Americans to leave Ukraine as soon as possible due to a possible invasion risk from Russia. Due to the fear of Invasion by the Russian army, he requested to leave the place as soon as possible.

Russia continues to perform live-fire drills.

Russia is practicing live-fire drills, and on the other hand, there are troops building up all around the ex-Soviet state. This is a clear indication of an invasion from the military. The tension regarding the Washington-Moscow has been at its peak since the Cold War, which involves the USA. According To the prediction, more than 130,000 Russians are arranged in particular groups to fight and deal with the combat situation. All these troops are right at the Ukrainian border; hence the tension keeps on building.

Biden said, All the Americans must immediately leave Ukraine, in an interview with NBC News. He further added that we are going to deal with one of the most enormous armies in the world, and things are going to be crazy.

According to the sources, Biden is not looking to send American troops at any cost to Ukraine. He is not planning to deal with Russia on behalf of Ukraine, even to save his fellow Americans. Hence the statements are a clear indication that a crazy invasion of Ukraine is most likely to occur anytime now.

If America gets involved, it will become a world war.

Biden said that if America intervened and went against Russia for any reason, it would cause a world war. He also added that we live in a very different world now where there is no place for war as such. Biden made all these statements after there was a live-fire drill on the Belarus border. It also drew significant attention from NATO. The situation is getting tense, and there seems no way out except a big war.

NATO further claimed that the massive deployment of Russian troops, missiles, and even the machine gun drills was a dangerous movement on the border. It is one of the most severe actions on the border after the Soviet Union’s collapse.


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