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Here’s How IRS Stimulus Check Benefits Can Be Availed By A Dead Person As Well!

The US government issued three federal stimulus cheques in 2020 and 2021 to help the majority of low- and middle-income Americans cope with the financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus outbreak. In April 2020, there had been a $1,200 cheque, a $600 check in Dec 2020, and a $1,400 verify in March 2021.

However, not everybody received the money to which they were entitled. In other situations, stimulus payments were unused because the individual who was supposed to receive them had died. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued instructions on how to handle incentive checks if a family member has passed away. We’ll break down that advice into simpler terms below, reports Marca.

Eligibility Criteria For Those Who Have Died

Is it possible to claim money from a stimulus check if a close relative has died? Yes, even if a partner or close relative died, you can collect the money they were owed. However, there are two crucial aspects to consider. The first requirement is that this individual was eligible for the impulse check while living and was still alive whenever the stimulus check was mailed out.

As a result, anyone who died in 2020 would not have been entitled to the 2021 stimulus cheques. Another consideration would be that the money owed to the deceased individual may only be reclaimed once. This should be collected by another of kin, and if one of these offspring has already asked for the money to be given out, the check will not be reissued.

What does the Internal Revenue Service say about stimulus payouts for the deceased? The IRS has a FAQs section on how to claim a Recovery Rebate Credit for stimulus cheques that haven’t been claimed, and one of them addresses the issue of dead persons who were owed stimulus benefits.

“If an individual satisfied the qualifying conditions while living and perished in 2021 or 2022 and received not receive a full value of the third Economic Effect Payment, the individual may be entitled again for 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit,” the IRS statement adds.

“A person who died before January 1, 2021, does not eligible again for 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit,” officials write, confirming the point stated above concerning the death’s timing.


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