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Fidelity introduces new investment product for tracking Bitcoin in Europe

With more becoming curious to know about cryptocurrencies, the British investment manager Fidelity International has come up with an investment product for tracking bitcoin in Europe. The professional and institutional clients of the investment manager will have access to the Fidelity Physical Bitcoin ETP which began trading on Tuesday on the Deutsche Börse Xetra.

Fidelity International further stated that the ETP will also be introduced in the SIX Swiss Exchange as well sometime soon.

The company justified its move to launch the ETF to the finding of the Fidelity Digital Assets survey which had revealed that the majority of institutional investors, 70 percent to be precise, are inclined to put their money in procuring digital assets in the future.

Further, the survey also revealed that 90 percent of such investors want an allocation in their clients’ portfolios within five years from now.

The bitcoin which happens to be the largest cryptocurrency in the world has seen its price reach an all-time high of $69,000 before settling around the $40,000 mark at the moment.

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