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Tax Talk Controversy: IRS Treats Digital Currencies As ‘Property’

A query about virtual money was posed while I was utilizing software to file my income tax return. Could you write an article about the tax implications of virtual currency? – RM (email).

Cryptocurrency is another name for virtual currency. Digital currency picked up steam in the previous 15 years, according to several financial analysts, and its rise has been tremendous. We’ll look to a Reader’s Digest article from February 2022, “Our Two Cents on Cryptocurrency” (pages 28-31), for a quick – and fairly comprehensible – overview of this new method of money transfer, which companies like Ethereum sell, Bitcoin, Alibaba Coin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, and others.

Block-Chain Technology

Most virtual currencies use block-chain technology, a form of database that acts as a perpetual ledger for transactions… and their users’ behavior determines their value. The more ‘coins’ individual purchase, the more valuable those coins become.

Mining is indeed a way to earn bitcoin, but it’s a difficult operation that uses specialized computer technology to start releasing coins into commerce (just like other mined materials, the total amount of some cryptocurrencies is finite.) As a result, most consumers obtain cryptocurrencies via purchasing them on major internet exchanges. PayPal, Xbox, and Tesla are among the companies that accept cryptocurrency payments. Even organizations accept virtual currency donations, such as The Water Project,  Save the Children, and Red Cross.

IRS’s Interest

Don’t be fooled by the IRS’s interest in cryptocurrencies. “At any point… did you obtain, sell, trade, or otherwise transfer of any economic stake in any virtual currency?” says the first inquiry under their address and phone number, reports South Bend Tribune.

So, if you decide to invest in this risky asset, ensure you get sufficient documentation from either the crypto company to calculate the losses and gains discussed later in this section. There are cryptocurrency tax specialists who assist people who trade virtual money frequently. DESPITE THE EPIDEMIC SLOWING ITS OPERATIONS, the IRS initiated a vigorous Virtual Currencies Compliance Campaign before Covid. For answers to “Commonly Asked Questions on Digital Currency Transactions,” go to www.irs.gov.


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