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IRS Unveils Voice and Chat Bots to Assist Taxpayers

Bots (short for robots) are computer programs that carry out routine tasks. For example, when calling customer care departments of organizations with which you conduct business, you’ve almost certainly dealt with bots.

Add also Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to such a list of businesses as IRS has confirmed the introduction of speech and conversation bots on two of its specialist number of fatalities cell phone service channels, with more to follow. The move, which is composed of the IRS’s Taxpayer Experience Strategy, focuses on improving IRS-taxpayer engagements by giving more information via modern technology like artificial intelligence speech and virtual assistants.

At the moment, the bots enable taxpayers with simple queries concerning payments or collection notifications to get quick replies, freeing up human customer support employees to focus on more complex cases.

For the time being, only a limited number of applications are available; however, this will change shortly.

Speech And Chat Bots

The IRS began using speech and chatbots in Spanish and English a few weeks earlier to assist clients with tax payment concerns and to make them understand a notification they may have gotten from the department. However, taxpayers with basic tax season inquiries will most likely be sent to a human operator rather than a bot, as per the IRS.

Presently, the bots may assist taxpayers with:

  • What is the best way to make one-time payouts?
  • Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions
  • Explanation of the collection notice

Toll-Free Service

Furthermore, voice bots now assist consumers in contacting the Economic Impact Payment (EIP) toll-free service by providing generic relevant answers to asked queries on the topic. For customers who need assistance balancing benefits on their 2021 tax form, the IRS has added speech bots to the Advanced Child Credit toll-free service, reports Investopedia.

The IRS wants to launch speech bots later this year that will allow taxpayers to verify their identification, set up payment plans, seek transcripts, and access data about existing IRS accounts. The IRS also intends to use more speech and chatroom bots to assist taxpayers with more complicated tax concerns.


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