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Apple’s future Watch sensors could sync watch face color with band and attire

Apple is contemplating the integration of color sampling sensors into upcoming iterations of the Apple Watch. This innovative addition would enable watch faces to dynamically match the color scheme of the user’s chosen band and attire.

In a recently granted patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, titled “Electronic Devices with Color Sampling Sensors,” Apple delves into the concept of leveraging light sensors beneath the Apple Watch display. These sensors would analyze the color of external objects, aiming to harmonize the backdrop of the currently displayed watch face with the color palette of the wearer’s clothing and band selection.

The patent outlines the mechanics of employing optical sensors, including cameras, proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, fingerprint sensors, or other light-based under-screen sensors. These sensors would emit sequences of red, green, and blue light toward external objects within their line of sight. By measuring the reflectance levels of these RGB sequences, the sensors would capture the colors present.

Subsequently, the watch’s control circuitry would implement a band-specific algorithm to process the color sample. This algorithm would then match the sampled color against a predetermined list of watch band colors. Additionally, a clothing-specific algorithm would be utilized to correlate the color sample with the color gamut of the clothing being worn.

The control circuitry would then fine-tune the potential display colors by applying certain constraints. Ultimately, it would replicate the sampled color onto the background of the Apple Watch face. The outcome: a seamless and visually appealing coordination of colors.

As is customary with filed patents, the actual implementation of the described technology in an Apple Watch is uncertain, especially in the foreseeable future. However, the patent provides a captivating glimpse into Apple’s exploration of ways to transform its flagship smartwatch. Beyond its existing health and fitness functions, Apple envisions a timepiece that effortlessly blends style and functionality, all through the power of color synchronization.