Home News Revolutionizing Gaming: NVIDIA’s NvTrueHDR Transforms SDR Games into HDR Masterpieces

Revolutionizing Gaming: NVIDIA’s NvTrueHDR Transforms SDR Games into HDR Masterpieces

NVIDIA has once again pushed the boundaries of gaming technology with its NvTrueHDR mod, allowing gamers to experience Standard Definition Range (SDR) games in the vibrant and dynamic hues of High Dynamic Range (HDR). This breakthrough mod, compatible with GeForce RTX GPUs, offers a significant enhancement to older titles, breathing new life into them with unprecedented color depth and contrast.

Key Highlights:

  • NvTrueHDR enables HDR in SDR games for GeForce RTX GPUs.
  • Works with DirectX 9, 10, 11, and 12 games, with potential support for OpenGL and Vulkan.
  • Offers an alternative to Windows AutoHDR, potentially with less performance impact.
  • Requires the latest 551.23 drivers and is exclusive to Windows 11.

Innovative Technology for Enhanced Gaming Experience

The mod leverages NVIDIA’s RTX Video HDR technology, introduced to enhance SDR videos but now extended to include game support. While it may not match the quality of native HDR, it represents a significant step forward for users with the necessary hardware. The feature is particularly appealing for those looking to upgrade their gaming experience without moving to Windows 11 or seeking an improvement over Windows AutoHDR.

Technical Insights and User Feedback

Utilizing the power of Tensor cores, the HDR feature may impact game performance, though reports suggest this varies by title. Feedback from early adopters has been positive, with some suggesting it offers a near-native HDR experience. However, the technology is still in its early stages, and its reception depends on individual expectations and the specific hardware used.

Practical Considerations and How to Use

To activate NvTrueHDR:

  1. Ensure HDR is enabled on all connected displays and Windows AutoHDR is disabled.
  2. Download and extract the NvTrueHDR mod, following the instructions for setup.

While the mod has been well-received, users are advised to proceed with caution, particularly when using mods that require executable files. The mod’s creator, “emoose,” has a strong reputation within the community, but as with any modification, there’s always a risk, especially in online gaming environments.


NVIDIA’s NvTrueHDR mod represents a significant advancement in gaming technology, offering gamers the opportunity to experience older titles in a new light. By converting SDR games to HDR, NVIDIA is not only enhancing the visual quality of games but also setting a new standard for gaming experiences. As the technology evolves and becomes more refined, it’s likely that gamers will continue to see improvements in HDR conversion, making older games more vibrant and immersive than ever before.