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PlayStation 4 Continues to Thrive: Eleven Years On, 49 Million Users Still Active

PlayStation 4 Continues to Thrive

Despite the advent of the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) continues to demonstrate remarkable staying power in the gaming community. Eleven years after its launch, approximately 49 million people still actively use their PS4 consoles, a figure that intriguingly matches the user base of the newer PS5.

Longevity of PS4

The PS4, introduced in November 2013, has not only achieved significant commercial success but also continues to maintain a strong user base. As of 2023, despite the release of the PS5 and the natural progression of technology, the PS4 still commands a loyal following of nearly 49 million monthly active users. This enduring popularity underscores the console’s quality and the deep catalog of games that continue to engage players.

Comparison with PS5

The PS5, launched in November 2020, was expected to quickly overshadow its predecessor. However, the transition has been gradual, with the PS5’s active user base only recently matching the PS4’s. This parity highlights the challenges in market dynamics and consumer upgrade patterns, particularly in times of economic uncertainty and global chip shortages which have impacted the availability of the newer console.

Market Trends and Future Projections

The gaming industry often sees a dip in user engagement during the second quarter of the year due to fewer major game releases and seasonal variations. However, Sony has strategically positioned the PS5 to boost its performance through aggressive promotions, especially during the holiday seasons. Yet, as the PS4 ages, a natural attrition in its user base is expected, with Sony hoping to transition these gamers to the PS5.

The PS4’s enduring appeal is a testament to Sony’s robust design and the console’s rich gaming ecosystem. As the industry evolves, it will be intriguing to see how long the PS4 can maintain its relevance in the face of newer technologies and changing consumer preferences.


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