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Uninstall Facebook app to save 15% of iPhone 6s Battery Life, and more

Apple’s iPhones have often been pulled up for not being too kind on the battery though there seems to be an easy way to save some more of the precious juice on the iPhone 6s – disabling Facebook’s location-based services. Or users might opt for the more drastic action of uninstalling the Facebook app as a whole.

Among the immediate benefits of disabling Facebook’s location-based services or deleting the app as a whole is battery savings to the tune of 15 percent.

A workaround will be to access the popular social networking site via the Safari browser though users will have to give up on some of the inherent benefits of the app, which includes instant sharing options or receiving notifications.

However, It seems to be a small price to pay when it comes to saving some more power on the iPhone 6s, more so on the older iPhone models that tend to lose charge a bit faster.

Uninstalling the Facebook app also opens up some more storage space. This is pegged at around 500MB that the app needs as a whole on top of the 111MB that the app itself weighs in at.

Facebook has also come under some criticism from its Android users who claim to delete the app from their Android devices has led to a battery saving of an even higher 20 percent.

Among the other features that too have a heavy run on the iPhone 6s battery is 4K video recording. Instead, the best option here will be to record video in a 1080p format at 30fps.

Allowing apps to refresh in the background too drains the battery fast and can be disabled if running low on juice.

Motion-enabled wallpaper is another feature that does look cool though has a heavy drain on the battery.

Other ways the iPhone 6s battery can be made to last longer include disabling UI motion, along with automatic mail fetching. One can also disable auto downloads of apps, music, books and updates and even Hey Siri and Siri suggestions to save even more power.