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LG G5 teaser reveals improved Glance View feature with ‘Always ON’ ability

With both LG and Samsung leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to drum up support for their respective flagship devices ahead of the February 21 launch, LG has revealed one key feature that it hopes will add to the appeal for the new LG G5, it being ‘Always On’.

Technically, the term refers to the state of the smartphone display that will be always on and depict several notifications besides the time. That does make a nice feature, more so at a time when reliance on smartphones is ever on the rise.

With smartphones turning out to be the go device for almost everything we do, with even something as basic as checking the time, battery drain is one aspect that continues to be the bane of even the best devices in their respective segments. A likely solution is a display that is always on and is depicting several important notifications at all times.

Besides, having a display that is always carrying the key notifications is also time-saving in that users would otherwise have had to negotiate past several tabs to get the same information.

However, the feature too, irrespective of how beneficial it is can be counterproductive if it ends up chewing even more battery. LG has not stated how it wishes to tackle the issue. Such a feature is not completely new on an LG device though the company had something similar to offer on the G Flex 2 as well as the G4 in the form of the ‘Glance View’.

LG G Flex 2 comes with Glance View!

That still can’t be considered as user-friendly as the Always On display since Glance View required some sort of gesture to wake the screen.

Interestingly, rival Samsung too is believed to have something similar to offer on its upcoming Galaxy S7 considering the company has already patented the term ‘Always On’. In fact, this could turn out to be the new buzz word for smartphone makers to hang on to if they can tackle the battery drain issue well enough.