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Google Docs, Sheets for Android now support third-party add-ons

Google extended support for third-party add-ons for its Docs and Sheets apps for Android. Google’s evidently exploring ways to direct more users to these apps, and as a part of the same strategy, the company is now more than happy to let users do more than what’s intended when it comes to using these applications. Google dealt with eight integration partners to come up with this move who have worked on integrating their add-ons for Docs and Sheets Android apps.

“We’re excited to introduce Android add-ons for Docs and Sheets, a new way for you to do just that—whether it’s readying a contract you have for e-signature from your phone, or pulling in CRM data on your tablet for some quick analysis while waiting for your morning coffee, Android add-ons can help you accomplish more,” said Saurabh Gupta, Product Manager, Google Apps.

Collectively, nine add-ons are available for Google Docs and Sheets applications for Android at this moment. According to Google, these add-ons are aimed at assisting users to handle multiple tasks at a time in addition to making the overall performance way faster than ever before. Let’s talk about them!

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There’s an add-on called DocuSign, which helps users pulling up already stored documents in their own Docs or Sheets apps and having those records ready to sign themselves or send others to get signatures. At the other hand, ProsperWorks does the job of importing CRM data to work on advanced dashboards, graphs, and reports – from straight inside your device.

In the event of users looking to create mobile apps without having any sort of coding skills and techniques – that too from their data in sheets, an add-on called AppSheet will come handy. Similarly, Scanbot lets users scan their business related documents with the help of built-in OCR in addition to putting contents right into Docs as editable text.

Apart from the add-ons we’ve mentioned above, there are several others that you find and install from right within the Google Play Store.