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Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Home Mini speaker and Pixelbook convertible images leaked again

Here is all that you need to know of the upcoming Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones; well just about all thanks to a recent leak that has revealed the different color options to be available. The leak has come just weeks ahead of Google’s planned October 4 event.

Also, while it is the rear of the handset that has been revealed, this sort of confirms what we have known of the handset so far. That includes a slightly redesigned exterior that makes the second gen Pixel phones to be evolutionary development over their first gen counterparts rather than being anything revolutionary.

Among the things that become evident right away is the reduced glass covering so that the fingerprint sensor is now placed within the metal portion. The rear cam and a single lens at that is placed at the top left corner together with the flash and microphone, a layout that is largely similar to what it was with the first gen Pixel.

The choice of color ranges from a shade of blue, black and white though there is a panda version this time, one that will have its rear bottom donning a white shade while the top portion is seen covered in black. Not that it makes the device look anything too special but is nevertheless eye-catching.

In fact, while still on looks, the upcoming Pixel 2 range can be quite disappointing considering that it continues with last year’s design theme. While there has been a slew of flagship phone launches sporting bezel-less front design, notable among which includes the Essential PH-1, Galaxy S8, Note 8 or the more recent iPhone X, the Pixel 2 seems so yesteryear in comparison.

Google also seems to have limited options to strike a different tune with the specs given that almost all Android flagships have a similar internal build. However, as the latest leak suggests, the base version of the Pixel 2 could be sporting a 64 GB memory, which happens to be a two-fold jump over the Pixel range that came with 32 GB storage.

As for price, rumor has it that the Pixel 2 will start at $649 while the 128 GB version will set one back $749. Those are the same prices the first gen Pixel commanded, except that you get twice the base storage this time. The larger Pixel 2 XL will start at $849 while the top-end model will sport a price tag of $949.

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Meanwhile, Google is also tipped to launch a new high-end Chromebook named PixelBook. It will likely be priced above $1100 and will sport a convertible design, besides accompanying a PixelPen as well.

A tiny Home Mini speaker powered by Google Assistant is also in the list, one that will compete with the Echo Dot and will sport a tempting price tag of $49.