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Notable TV at CES 2018 from LG, Samsung, Sony and all

The annual CES event is in full swing, and a plethora of new TV launches have already graced the show. Mentioned below is a compilation of a few of the more notable launches.


The Wall: The star of the Samsung camp is, of course, The Wall. For those who might have been living under a rock so far, The Wall here is a TV that measures all of the 146-inches. If anyone though that is the only superlative aspect with the TV are in for more surprise as the TV also packs in 8k resolutions. And it is modular too thanks to its incorporation of Micro LED tech, which means adding more display is just a breeze. Further, there is an AI chip as well that ensures conversion of available content to 8K for viewing on the TV.

Q9S QLED TV: For those who are intimidated by The Wall can find solace with the Q9S which is a more manageable 85-inch while still sporting 8K resolution. Samsung also packed in the same AI chip as in The Wall to ensure buyers have no dearth of 8K content to view on the TV set. However unlike its gargantuan compatriot, the Q9S has a more distinct commercial future, destined as it is for a market launch sometime later in the year.


Bravia A8F: With the new A8F, Sony is back to courting OLED technology. The TV also boasts of other niceties such as 4K HDR to allow for that extra zing when it comes to picture clarity. That apart, Sony is also exhibiting a slew of LCD TV at the CES which are clearly aimed at the mass market.


8K OLED TV: This happens to be another company that is pushing the 8K bit and is also showcasing an 88-inch TV sporting as many pixels. Sure the TV is a no-match for Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ though the smaller dimension actually ensures the over 33 million or so pixels are accommodated in a smaller frame, which should lead to an even sharper picture.

65-inch OLED TV that rolls up: LG is also showcasing a bold new take on TVs where the display panel is not a flat and fixed entity. Instead, it can smartly roll down into a rectangular or so box, and can roll up again at the press of a remote button. The TV otherwise boasts of OLED goodness and its stuff like these that makes shows like the CES so much more exciting.

Samsung ups the ante in the TV game with a 146-inch 8K TV named The Wall

OLED W8 Signature Series: This happens to the evolution over the W7 Series launched last year and is the TV that LG would like buyers to actually crave for. Packing 4K resolutions, the TV too is built par for the course and impresses with its superb picture quality.


FZ950 and FZ800: The Japanese company is out to woo visitors at the show with its new FZ950 and FZ800 range that are available in both 55-and 65-inch size options. That apart, notable technologies the TVs feature include support for HRD 10+ HDR, besides incorporating the company’s new HCX video processor.