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Samsung now owns the patent for the world’s first true all-front display phone

Samsung might be gearing up for the launch of the Galaxy S9 within the next couple of weeks though it seems it has a far more exciting phone in the making. The company has been found to have applied for a patent that depicts a phone with a true bezel-less design.

Originally filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization back in Aug. 2017, the patent entails Samsung building a phone where the display extends right up to the edges in the truest sense of the term. Samsung has already been close to that with the S8 duo launch last year though there still has been some about of bezel along the top and bottom.

Now according to the patent that Samsung has been awarded just recently, the top and bottom bezels too have been done away with. Interestingly, the front-facing cam and other sensors that have been the bane towards developing true bezel-less phone remains planted at the usual place. It’s just that would now be hiding beneath the front panel.

The same also applies to the fingerprint sensor that too has been embedded beneath the front display. This again is already poised to be the standout feature of the 2018 flagships and its hardly surprising Samsung too is gunning for the same.

Samsung’ way of doing this is via holes in the front panel, which markedly differs from Apple’s approach that had accommodated those in the notch on the iPhone X. Apple has also faced a lot of flak for its unsightly notch design, and it remains to be seen how users react to Samsung’s approach.

Meanwhile, the report also claims Samsung is adopting Apple’s 3D Touch like pressure sensitive front panel to allow the user greater control of the UI. So a slight touch might be enough to activate the microphone while a deeper push will show the list of apps and so on.

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No word yet as to when is the earliest such a Samsung phone with an all front display will be gracing showrooms near us.