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Instagram users now getting the option to remove unwanted followers

Instagram is now allowing users with public accounts to remove those followers that they’d like to get rid of. This can be seen as a move to enhance privacy for the public users as they can exert far better control over who gets to see their public posts and feeds that has ever been possible so far.

The facility to remove followers is however still being tested so that not all users have been provided access to the feature at the moment. That said, an increasing number of Instagram users are now claiming to have access to the same though almost all of those happen to be Android users right now. There is no word though when iOS users too will begin getting the same sort of privilege.

Removing the unwanted followers is also a discreet process as the ones at the receiving end won’t even have an idea that they have been offloaded. This can be a great way to prevent some users like old friends or ex-partners to continue having a glimpse of the user’s life even if they may no longer be in touch in real life.

So far, the nearest that Instagram offered to remove unnecessary followers from public accounts was to ‘mute’ or ‘block’ those users. Of these, the ‘mute’ feature was launched in May and let users not to have posts and stories of users cluttering their own feed while still being part of their follower’s list.

The other option would be to block a user though that cannot prevent the user from peeping into your photo section with you never know what’s going on. Further, blocking can be considered a more drastic step as the blocked user does get a notification that he or she has been blocked. This can lead to all sorts of issues including strain in a relationship if the person who has been blocked happens to be a common friend or directly known to the user.

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Instagram meanwhile has confirmed they are onto testing the new feature that will let users to let go of those followers that they feel they can do without. However, the Facebook-owned company declined to let out other details, including when it is going to be rolled out on a wider scale and so on.