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Facebook’s dating service now being internally tested by its employees

Facebook had first announced a dating service during its F8 conference earlier this year and here comes news of the app now being tested internally by the Facebook employees.

No firm launch dates are available though what is confirmed is that the app is currently being tested to single out bugs or inconsistencies in the user interface. Or in other words, the app is being dogfooded at the moment, a term to describe the app is being tested by the same people who developed it.

The social media giant also stated its dating site wouldn’t be launched as a standalone app. Instead, it would form part of its flagship Facebook app though users will have to create a separate profile on the site. Of course being part of the main Facebook site has its own advantages in that it will be able to draw upon the huge userbase it already has.

The social media company also stated the intention with its dating site is to create genuine relationships and not to encourage casual hook-ups. The app will require some basic information to get started, which includes gender, locations along with the gender of those users would like to meet with. Once the profiles match and both express a desire to meet, they will then be allowed to contact each other.

Facebook, however, has directed its employees to use the fake info to create profiles while testing the app. It has also made it amply clear the goal is to test the app and not to promote dating within the employee circle. The company also stated anti-harassment policies would be in effect even when the app is being internally tested. Testing is voluntary too, which means those not interested can give it a go.

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Meanwhile, Facebook venturing into the online dating business already has its implications given how established dating sites like OkCupid and Tinder have already seen their shares plummet right on the day Facebook first announced its intentions in this field. Now with the feature slowly taking shape, the others might have their very existence at stake. That said, there is no surety the dating site would be a reality after all given that not all tested produced get launched eventually.