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70% Of The Russian Military Buildup In Place On Ukraine Border, Says US Officials

The tension between Ukraine and Russia is soaring high. On the one side, military forces are acting up, while on the other, the reports from the US officials are building up the pressure. A recent report from the US Officials confirmed that Russia had assembled around 70% of the military buildup and firepower, and this is likely to be in place by the mid of the month.

At the same time, US President Joe Biden confirmed that he would not send any US troops to Ukraine to support and fight the war that is likely to happen.

All About The Military Buildup

In a report shared in India Today, the officials, who shared the information on anonymity, discussed internal Russian assessments. They sketched out a series of indicators that suggest Putin is planning an invasion in the coming weeks, though the size and scale are unknown. Raising the concerns, the points suggested are quite prominent.

Russia’s strategic nuclear forces, usually held in the fall, have been rescheduled for mid-February to March. This corresponds to the most likely invasion window, according to US officials.

The Invasion Is Likely To Be There In Recent Weeks

US officials have stated that a Russian invasion could quickly overwhelm Ukraine’s military in recent weeks. However, Moscow may find it difficult to maintain an occupation and deal with a potential insurgency.

The ongoing Russian buildup coincides with the Biden administration’s disclosure of intelligence in the hopes of countering Russian disinformation and thwarting Putin’s plans to fabricate a pretext for an invasion.

Additionally, The New York Times also reported that a full Russian invasion could cause the quick capture of Kyiv and can potentially result in around 50,000 casualties. However, it’s unclear how US intelligence agencies made any predictions on invasion. But the unpredictable nature of war is still going to stay.

Joe Biden On The Expected Ukraine War

President Joe Biden has stated that he will not send US troops to Ukraine to fight a war. But he will send more troops to Poland and Romania to reassure the NATO allies that Washington would follow its treaty commitment to respond to Russian aggression against NATO territory. Ukraine is not a NATO member, but it receives military assistance and training from the United States and its allies.


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