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US Approves $100 Million Arms Sale To Taiwan For Missile Upgrades

The United States has approved a massive sale of $100. As reported by Reuters, the deal was approved by the Pentagon as a reaction to the angry threat regarding retaliation from Beijing.

$100 million sales on different services and equipment were approved

As reports, it is said that the money is approved to build equipment and different services for Taiwan. It will help Taiwan improve, maintain and sustain the particular Patriot missile defense system. China was seen as disappointed with U.S. sales regarding the equipment. China claims Taiwan as its own, but it has declared itself a self-governed country.

U.S. Defense Security Cooperation acquired the needed approvals

The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency revealed that they have all the necessary approvals for the sale. They declared that all the required certifications were submitted and certifying the congress about the sale.

Upgradation of the Patriot Air Defense System will help in developing security

The U.S. declared that Upgradation in the entire Patriot Air Defense System would ultimately help in providing better security. On the other hand, it will assist in maintaining the political stability and the balance required in military affairs. It will also stabilize the overall economic and social progress in the nation.

The agency also added that such a sale would help the U.S. grow and develop. By supporting the different security interests, they want to help countries such as Taiwan to establish a better-modernized military with sound equipment and devices to protect themselves.

Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin are the main contractors of the project

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry was pleased with the decision, and on the other hand, they used the term highly welcomed with respect to the deal, as reported by France24. They also said that with continuous military expansion, the country’s overall defense system would be upgraded, and on the other hand, it would deepen the relationship between the U.S. and Taiwan.

China is very unhappy with the sale. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that China would do everything to protect its security interests.


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