Home News Google Ends Support for Dropcam and Nest Secure: What’s Next for Users

Google Ends Support for Dropcam and Nest Secure: What’s Next for Users

Google Ends Support for Dropcam and Nest

In a significant move impacting many smart home users, Google has announced that it will terminate support for its Dropcam and Nest Secure products, along with the Works with Nest program, setting a firm deadline of April 8, 2024, for the former two and September 29, 2023, for the latter. This decision marks the end of the road for these once-popular home security devices and systems, requiring current users to seek alternatives to maintain their home security needs.

As of these dates, users will no longer be able to access these devices via the Nest app, rendering them inoperative in terms of smart functionality. The discontinuation is part of Google’s broader strategy to streamline its smart home offerings and focus on integrating all Nest products under the Google Home ecosystem.

To help ease this transition, Google has rolled out several compensatory offers to affected users. For those with Dropcam devices that were active within the last 28 days, Google is providing a complimentary Nest Cam (indoor, wired). This effort is to ensure that users can continue to monitor their homes with minimal interruption. Moreover, Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus subscribers can claim this new camera at no additional cost, while non-subscribers are eligible for a 50% discount on the device, priced at $99.99.

Nest Secure users are not left behind, as Google is offering an exclusive deal in partnership with ADT. Eligible customers, specifically those in the U.S. with active devices within the past month, will receive a free ADT Self Setup System. This kit includes the ADT Smart Home Hub, two door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and a year’s worth of professional alarm monitoring services, valued at up to $485.

As for the Works with Nest program, which previously facilitated integration with third-party smart home devices, it will see its integrations cease on September 29, 2023. Google is encouraging users to transition to its Google Home script editor, set to launch soon, which will allow for advanced home automation creation.

For users looking to preserve their video history from these devices, Google advises downloading and saving this data before the support end date to avoid losing access.

Google’s decisions, while likely driven by the need to modernize and consolidate its smart home product line, have stirred concern among users who have long relied on these systems for home security and automation. The company has made efforts to provide alternatives and compensations to mitigate the inconvenience caused by these discontinuations.


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