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AI Artist Hired for $90,000 Transforms Card Game Industry

A card game developer pays $90,000 to an AI artist for unparalleled card art, sparking debates on AI's role and the future of creativity in the gaming industry.

Bagon Community Day Classic: A Detailed Look at Special Research and Rewards

Join the Pokemon Go Bagon Community Day Classic on April 7, 2024, for special research tasks, shiny Bagon catches, and exclusive rewards!

Apple Revises App Store Policies for Global Emulator and Streaming Game App Inclusion

Discover how Apple's recent App Store policy changes globally allow retro game emulators and streaming game services, aiming to boost gaming experiences on iOS devices.

Xbox Leadership Transformation: A New Era with Sarah Bond

Sarah Bond takes the helm as Xbox's new president in a major leadership reshuffle, aiming to innovate and expand the Xbox gaming experience.

PS5 Introduces Innovative Automatic Game Clip Feature

Discover the new PS5 update featuring an automatic game clip capture feature, enhanced accessibility, and improved social and library functions, enriching the gaming experience.

Excadrill in Pokémon Go: Mastering PvP and Raids

Discover the best movesets for Excadrill in Pokémon Go for dominating in PvP battles and raids. Learn strategic insights to leverage its full potential.